Quinoa Pancakes with Banana and Chia

On pancake day make these gluten free, tasty fluffy pancakes for breakfast on your favorite griddle in less than 10 minutes! Perfect for anyone looking to eat gluten free, also anyone who gets excited about all these new healthy products on the market. When I walked into Holland and Barratt my excitement was similar to a little girl in Toys R Us. Budget wasn’t a question and I walked out a happy lady.

I know you may look at all these ingredients and think ‘seriously when and where can I get all this stuff?!’ Source your local health food shop or even scout out some bargain websites. I’m all over Holland & Barratt at the moment or even Wholefoods online has nearly everything.

Makes 12 medium sized pancakes.

Your favorite griddle.

130g quinoa flour
1 tsp gluten free baking powder
2 tbsp xylitol
130ml lacto free semi skimmed milk or almond milk
1 large egg
1 medium mashed banana
2 tsp maca powder
20g chia seeds
2 tbsp coconut oil (keep on one tablespoon and melt tiny bits when cooking pancakes)

Marmalade 1tbsp
Manuka honey 1tbsp

Right let’s get started:

In one bowl mix quinoa flour, maca powder, baking powder, chia seeds and xylitol.

In a jug whisk egg, milk and melt one tablespoon of coconut oil and pour in.

Combine both with a mashed banana until there are no lumps and the mixture is quite thick.

Add a drop of coconut to your griddle and let it heat up for two minutes, then use an ice cream scoop to pour the mixture. Remember coconut oil heats up very quickly and you only need a small amount.

The first one will be a tester and probably too dark on both sides.

Whilst making the pancakes heat up the marmalade with honey and drizzle in a separate griddle and pour over finished pancake stacks. Alternatively put in a cute pot for your friends to help themselves.

Chia seeds pronounced (chi – a) are an incredible source of omega 3 and fibre. Make sure you drink loads of water if you eat them regularly.

Quinoa pronounced (keen – wa) is gluten free and a super protein containing all nine amino acids.

Coconut oil is in Jennifer Anistons shopping basket, so what you waiting for?! Seriously it’s a great oil for controlling weight and manages type 2 diabetes.

Xylitol pronounced (zie-li-tol) is a sweetener I’m still investigating. More on this soon…

Manuka bees are gangsters, I wouldn’t question paying over £20 for a jar of this ghetto goodness. This honey is dark, beautiful, full of antioxidants and a healer.

Maca powder is known to help hormones, skin and sexual function. Go on, slip a teaspoon into his hot chocolate every now and then!

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