Review of My New Gas Griddle

Barbecuing is an old tradition throughout the world. There are many different cultures around the world, but somehow or the other they all have the tradition of barbecuing. The old days saw people carrying huge lumps of coal or logs of wood along them on camping trips or a day out, as technology has evolved, now give you an ease on cooking food while on the move.

This is the general advantage of a gas griddle. They are easy move, even sizes that can fit as small as a standard backpack are available now which is of great importance to campers, mountain climbers, trekkers etc. This is also a much faster and much more cheaper way to cook food as a comparatively small amount of gas is required in the use of these griddles.

Benefits of Propane

Propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) are typically used as fuel source in gas griddles. There are two methods of cooking food on gas griddles which are either the food is cooked directly on the gas flame or the griddleing elements are heated which intern transfer heat to the cooking material.

Size of gas griddles vary from small single steak griddle ups to large industrial sized griddles used in restaurants which can cook food for enough for hundred or more people. Typically a gas griddle is designed to work on propane or natural gas but it is possible to convert it on other gas sources.

Outdoor gas griddles are very economical as they are light in weight and easy to carry anywhere you want. Because of their versatility different types of foods can be cooked on them with great taste and texture. Buying a portable gas griddle is a tricky task due to their small size as food is either burnt or is cooked unevenly on them and sometimes this small size creates much problem in their cleaning.

Benefits of Gas Griddles

The benefit of outdoor gas griddle over charcoal griddle is that it cooks food much faster then a charcoal griddle. Portable gas griddle offers you efficient heat control while cooking but this facility is not available in open pit fires. Many things should be considered before buying a outdoor gas griddle to choose the best thing from such a big crowd.

The first main thing before buying a portable gas griddle should be its surface. Check the surface of the outdoor gas griddle carefully that it is non sticky as their are different types of griddle surfaces are revealed in a visit to shop.

The portable gas griddles are available with flat griddles, ribbed griddles, having a BBQ surface and some with a wok top which allows a person to cook rice dishes on portable gas griddle without any problem.

Lightweight and Portable

Second feature which should be noticed is the weight of the portable gas griddle as one has to carry it around and if it is light weight then one can easily carry it anywhere with him. Make sure that you have carried a light weight portable ga griddle as it will be easy to carry and handy to use.

The other factor which effects the buying of the outdoor gas griddle is the attachments with it. There should be no extra attachments with it as it makes difficult to handle the outdoor gas griddle.

Sometimes portable gas griddles are available with extra trays and dishes at that time you have to think about your requirements that which gas griddle will suit you and fulfill your needs. Authentic wood fire flavor can also be obtained from portable gas griddles which have an electric fan powered wood burning.

Aluminum and stainless steel gas griddles are also available in market. Aluminum gas griddles are easy to use due to the presence of various push buttons while stain less steal gas griddles get heated easily and the food is cooked evenly. Many gas griddles are convertible .i.e. they can be converted on any fuel like gas, charcoal and even electricity.

Many Different Varieties

There are many varieties of portable gas griddles which can be easily assembled and can be stored away when not in use. In most of the griddles additional sides are provided which blocks the wind blowing around and allow a comfortable cooking of food. Attachable and foldable legs are also an additional feature of portable gas griddles.

It is not necessary that all cheap gas griddles exhibit bad results some cheap gas griddles show good results if not better.


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